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06-01-2014, 10:51 PM
My daughter (12) has been diagnosed with three curves in her spine ranging from 30-36 degrees. We have been advised to try flexible bracing to try and halt the curves. Has anyone had any experience and success with such braces. If this is not successful our next step is a hard brace that would encompass upper torso(one curve is in her shoulder/neck area). She is not in much pain at the moment and we really want to avoid surgery at all costs. She still has a lot of growing to do. We are off to specialist in Sydney in two weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

26-06-2014, 03:09 PM
Hey, How did you go? Ive only just discovered this group - we are in Brisbane. My 11 year old daughter has worn a hard brace for 9 years. We know lots about braces! :):):)

15-07-2014, 04:06 PM
Hi Louise,

We are in Brisbane too. We have only recently, in April, discovered my 12 year old daughter's Scoliosis.

Would you by any chance know if there is a Scroth practitioner in Brisbane?


18-07-2014, 10:30 PM
6 months down the track. the spinecor brace and specialist in Sydney is fantastic. we recently had a check up in Sydney and my daughters curves are more curvey. this was always a risk as she has three of them. we have decided to concentrate on the bottom two curves and have reconfigured her flexible brace. although this was disappointing news we will return to Sydney in three months to see how things are. unfortunately we mave have to go to a hard brace. my daughter is extremely active and is a representative soccer play who is in an sports excellence programme in high school. has anyone had this kind of experience before. has anyone used the scroth method. I want to avoid surgery at all costs.