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Amber's mum
15-11-2013, 06:41 PM
My daughter is 12 & was diagnosed with severe scoliosis earlier this year. First x-rays in January showed 40 degrees curvature to the right at T8-T9. August x-rays revealed 55 degrees. We are now waiting for surgery which will hopefully be early in the new year. Anyway my question is regarding rib pain. The last few weeks she has been complaining of pain under and around her left ribs. Could this be associated with the scoliosis? I know once scoliosis is severe it can start to cause other problems.

Dr Scoliosis
17-11-2013, 03:41 PM
Dear Amber's Mum

Rib pain in teenagers is not uncommon. It can be be due to a number of causes, mostly related to growth. Pain at the side or lower part of the ribs can be where the bony rib joins the cartilage. It seems to be related to growth. In scoliosis, the chest wall, being attached to the spine, tends to twist with it. This may contribute to pain but is not a big problem. It does not have any major effect on breathing. Unless curves are very large, scoliosis does not cause problems with respiratory function.

Dr Scoliosis