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15-10-2013, 04:05 PM
My daughter is 13 and her curve is at 48degrees. She started menstruation over 12 months ago so should apparently cease growing soon. Her only real visible symptoms are her right shoulder blade is more prominent and her left ribs stick out bit more than other side. She doesn't have discomfort ONLY recently with a few cheerleading lifts which she's only just started doing. She dances, plays netball, tennis and occasionally the gym.
So my question is does she really need surgery??? At our last appointment the doctor asked my daughter how she felt about it. We really hadnt even considered it. He said he'd see us in Jan and assess again but i fear he'll want to go ahead with it.
My fear is as her mother that she will be limited after surgery and may cause pain that she doesn't even experience now. Your advice would b appreciated 😁😳😁😳

Dr Scoliosis
17-10-2013, 02:51 PM
From what you write, the curve (assuming it is a thoracic scoliosis) is probably going to worsen with remaining growth and then after that, continue to get bigger slowly with time. Therefore, surgery is not unreasonable. Waiting is also OK. However, as the curve gets bigger, it gets harder to get as good a correction.

It is important that you feel comfortable with going ahead with surgery. In that case, a second opinion from another scoliosis surgeon is a good idea.

In general, watching for 6 months or so is quite reasonable, as the curve is not likely to get a lot worse during that time.

Hope this has been helpful.

Dr Scoliosis