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24-11-2012, 09:42 PM
Hi Dr S,
Our daughter was due to have lengthening surgery 14th November. She got really sick, high swinging temps of 39.8 average for 15 days, hospitalised for 7, and surgery got cancelled, as her liver levels were too high for anasethic. Whilst in hospital, she had to have head/spine MRI, the Drs had to send to Queensland for her hardware details, as setting has to be different with instrumentation. Can we in 2012, get some kind of National register, for hardware? As I would hate to be rocking in with problems on a Friday night, when everythings closed? I never really thought this would be a problem, but it was. We had a Doctor sending paperwork for an hour, to get it done. Absolutely amazing care from hospital, but why is it so hard to access information? Imagine if it was life threatening...car accident, or simular? It just worries me, and the Dr who had to chase files/ reports. Why doesnt it make sence to be Australian Health? Call me crazy...but that would be sensible.

Many Thanks T