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07-07-2011, 11:18 AM
Hi, I am the mother of starbug, who was just diagnosed with scoliosis in Cambodia. We are making a trip to Singapore for treatment, but I am wondering, in Australia (we are Australian) how much is scoliosis treatment covered by medicare, including appointments with specialists, brace fitting, surgery, and x-rays. What do you end up paying? Any information would be appreciated.

19-07-2011, 12:52 PM
Hi LovingMama,

My daughter, Cate had surgery for scoliosis in March. Her surgery was done in a private hospital in Sydney. I have sent you a private message of what it cost us and our out of pocket expenses. Hope the information helps.

Dom's mum
19-07-2011, 08:11 PM
Our son had surgery in a private hospital in Sydney last year as the public waiting lists were too long. With full health insurance our gaps were close to $9000-.
Hope your appointments go well.

20-07-2011, 10:51 AM

So far my out of pocket expenses (for my own operation, not child) have been about $3000. I was in a private hospital and had top cover with a $500 excess. All other hospital costs were covered, I couldn't believe how good my insurance was. I started insurance only 18 months ago. The other costs ended up being what Medicare didn't cover for doctors appointments and radiology that went on for about a year before surgery, then pathology before surgery, plus I had some hotel costs etc.

If there is no urgency and surgery is a possibility in the future, I would recommend getting cover, if you have a budget that can afford health insurance. Once the waiting period is done (usually 12 months) it puts you in control in regard to planning and getting a date for surgery instead of waiting on a list. But check out insurers first, lots of research is a good idea.

But, some people are happy to go via the public system if the waiting is not a big deal. The public system is still brilliant in Australia. Do what you feel is the best for you and your daughter.

All the best,
Christine x