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17-05-2011, 01:24 PM
Have just had my 14 year old daughter diagnosed and am a little confused.
We are in rural NSW and I can't understand why her GP has referred her to a peadiatrician rather than a spine specialist. I have made the appointment for the Peadiatrician and can't get in for a month. As she is 14 I am concerned that we are quickly running out of growing time, and to waste that time waiting, especially if the peadiatritian then refers us to a specialist and we have to wait for an appointment again.
Is this the normal procedure of referal?

Dr Scoliosis
19-05-2011, 03:12 PM
Thank you for your question and it is one which I can respond to only in general terms. I presume your daughter has been found to have a spinal curvature.

About 90 per cent of girls with scoliosis have what is called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and please visit our website (http://www.scoliosis-australia.org/scoliosis/about_scoliosis.html) for a full discussion of this terminology.

If a family doctor thinks there may be some underlying condition of which a curvature may be a manifestation, and there are many of these, even though they are very rare, that may account for a referral to a paediatrician in the first place. I think you can rest assured that the paediatrician will suggest referral to a spinal specialist and a directory (http://www.scoliosis-australia.org/scoliosis/scoliosis_specialists.html) of these in New South Wales is also on our website.

I trust this information is helpful.

Dr Scoliosis

07-06-2011, 07:58 PM
Thank you Dr. Scoliosis,
Yes she has a fairly significant curvature but we have not been given any measurements or details.
I am fairly sure that there is no underlying issues although she has grown very quickly. I was actually very upset with the GP's attitude as she did not even examine my daughter properly.
Peadiatrition appointment is next week and I have had some recomendations of spinal specialists, so we will see how we go.
Thanks for your help.