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19-10-2010, 09:08 PM
i was wondering if anyone wanted to share their stories and experiences with their boston brace.

i would appreciate it alot.

Chic Chick
20-10-2010, 05:20 PM
hey Jelly... i wore a boston brace from when i was 14 - 16. For me it was really all about how I could keep playing sport, especially hockey and tennis. I did a lot of swimming as it counted as time in the brace, as it turns out, swimming has become something i love, and have even started ocean swimming races!! For me, the doctors never really expected my brace to fully work, but i wore it as tight as i could and it saved me from an operation. I'm not going to pretend it was always comfortable (especially in summer) but for me, it was totally worth it.

A couple of things might help:
- wear singlets under the brace - it will stop the rubbing
- if you are at school, speak to your teachers about using a private bathroom in summer so that you can have a shower and freshen up
- lots of little snacks while you get used to it.... this girl has got to eat and i ended up changing my meal sizes for more grazing throughout the day

but we are all here to help and share stories, so please keep posting. let me know about your circumstances and i can add to the tips!!

so good to see you on the site Jelly :)

01-10-2011, 04:07 PM
Hey there, I had a Boston brace from when I was first diagnosed at twelve years of age until when I was fifteen. I didn't have to wear it any more because I had stopped growing.

There isn't much to say about my experience with the Boston brace. I used to hate it so much but after a while I realised that it was the only thing that could keep me from having surgery! Wearing it to school was difficult, especially in the Australian summer heat but I'm glad that it doesn't show through my uniform. Compared to other back braces which I have seen online, I would say that it looks the most comfortable, haha!

Also, you can't really eat or drink or even go to the bathroom with the brace so it gets annoying. But enjoy it :)

22-10-2011, 12:50 PM
I remember my experience in the Boston brace. I still have it with me, but I don't need to wear it anymore. I keep it because it helped me so much.

I remember when I found out I had scoliosis. My back was at 50 degrees and my doctor told me the two options - surgery or the brace - I had a feeling I should go with the brace. When I got the Sydney, the doctor there told me I should have the surgery.

After a lot of indecisiveness, worry and waiting, I chose the brace. It was hard to adjust to at first; I started off with wearing it for only one hour and gradually built up to twenty hours. Soon it felt like it was even there anymore.

Of course, school was always an issue. At school I'm painfully shy and I don't really talk to anyone unless they're my friends, but when I was 15-16, I was anti-social in general, so you can imagine how I was feeling when I realised I was going to have to go to school wearing this thing! In PE, the first time everyone saw it, they thought it was part of my religion that I had to wear it! :p Obviously it wasn't, so unless they asked, I ignored them. Soon everyone got use to seeing it, and were shocked when I didn't have to wear it anymore *laughs*

So a year and half went by and then I didn't have to wear the brace anymore. When I stopped where it, I found that I actually missed it! Anyway, so I went to my doctor and got y final x-ray without the brace on. All of the doctor that I went to told me that the brace wouldn't change my degree or anything. I wasn't expecting there to be any changes...but they WAS!

I went from being 50 degrees to 40! I sat in the chair going :eek: I visited the osteo a couple of times, but I didn't do anything else! I just wore the brace, and I reduced my degrees down by ten. Now I want to everyone that the brace does work, it can correct your spine, even if it's a little, it can!

Like everyone else in this thread, I recommend not eating too much, it'll feel a bit painful and cramped. Also, after having a shower, make sure you dry yourself off thoroughly, because there were times when I didn't, and the water in the brace was really yukky :sick: Also, light, cotton singlets are good to wear underneath, trust me on this one ;) Make sure that your brace is tucked into your shorts properly, I had a few experiences when it didn't, and it looked like I had two spikes stiking out from under my top *laughs*

I wish you the best of luck!

13-06-2012, 05:22 PM
I found out I'll have to have the Boston brace until I have surgery. I'm a bit worried that I'll feel too squeezed, but otherwise I don't really care. I don't know what I should feel, because some stories are really positive and some of them are scary.:o

Chic Chick
22-06-2012, 07:30 AM
Hi Starbug...

thanks for joining us on the site. It can be a pretty emotional time when you find out you need a brace. For me, at the school screening I was seen by a doctor, then had to wait in the corner while eveyone else got to leave. I felt really alone considering I was the only one in my grade who had to wait to see another doctor.

But, when I went to see the specialists they were great, they answered all my questions and the support of my family was vital, they were with me each and every step of the way.

I didn't speak much about my brace to my friends when I had it, but, I wish now that I did, as I have since heard how much they and their parents were looking out for me and checking with my mum that I was OK. I have a couple of other tips in the trail of notes here.... and bracing was for me, totally worth it.

I hope you will jump onto the forum and let us know how you are. Know that we are all here to help with any questions you may have and any support you need.

28-07-2012, 01:35 PM
Well, I have the brace now, and it's okay, except that I don't like people to see me because it sticks out a bit at the back. I don't have to wear it for very long right now, but I have to work up to wearing it 20 hours a day.

03-10-2012, 02:53 PM
When I had just turned 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Through X-Rays and scans, my spine displayed a curvature of 40 degrees. My specialist gave me two options for treatment; surgery, or bracing. My mother strongly suggested bracing, as she went through the surgery for her back and did not want me to endure such a procedure. So, I was fitted with a Boston Brace.
For the time I had to wear it, I hated it! It was so annoying, as I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted, it made me hot and sweaty and I always felt sick, especially after eating. 18 months of sheer discomfort and I gave up wearing it in the end. I was pretty bratty about it, but in my opinion, back braces aren't the most comfortable or flattering things a teenage girl could wear! Now being 16, I look back on it and despite the irritations and discomforts, my spine straightened to a more suitable curvature, of just 25 degrees and my back was left scar free.
Some tips on making the experience less daunting is that you could have your Mum, Sister, Aunt or friend take you out shopping for suitable clothes. Just because you're in a brace, doesn't mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Loose clothing, nice tracksuits, cool leggings, colourful singlets, wire-free bras and retro jumpers are comfortable and stylish solutions, in disguising your brace. So, if you ever have to endure wearing a back brace, don't get yourself too down about it. You'll only have to wear it for around 18-24 months and once you've stopped growing, you can live your entire life free from the brace! :)

05-12-2012, 10:13 PM
My Daughter Victoria had the Boston Brace when she was 9, To our disappointment we were told she was not wearing it tight enough after 18 months, you could just imagine how Vic felt. If only we could turn back the clock, as now she is booked in for a massive 2 day surgery in Melbourne. Her curve was at 34, she is now at 63. 12 years old.
My advice, stick with the Brace and wear it Firmly.
Treat it with great respect and I am sure you will be rewarded. Give it your best shot. Good Luck. Brett. Vics dad.