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02-08-2010, 02:41 PM

What is the best thing to do? I obviously have scoliosis and want some advice???
Thoracic spine moderate long curve scoliosis is convex to the left.
Lumber spine scoliosis is convex to the right centred at L2. Rotational deformity is seen also. Spondylosis is moderate. Disc space narrowing at L2/3 and L3/4.No pelvic tilt, sacroiliac joints look normal.

Measurement of degree in lumbar is approx 40.

I am 46 yrs old and I live in constant varying degrees of pain. I have seen a scoliosis specialist who didnt give me much hope. He said you can have surgery if you want. Nothing you can do will make it worse and nothing much will make it better.

Now I am not in faviour of surgery due to a number of reasons. I am willing to give the RIGHT SORT of exercise a go. There must be something I can do to releive the horrid tight spasm feeling I have on my "hump". It is so tight and is ALWAYS sore as it is impossible to get any releif due to the powerful pulling force that the hump has. Who or what is the best thing for me to see or do? I live in Brisbane and dont want to turn out like my mum who isnt even 70yrs old yet but is twisted and bend like an old old lady. I also suffer on the right side of my body with bursitis in my shoulder, tendonist in my elbow, and some sort on tendonists in my wrist. On my left side my knee is always in pain with electric shock type of pain, neuropathic pain. I am sure my back is the main contributor to all my problems..

Can you please help me.

Dr Scoliosis
03-08-2010, 06:33 PM

It is impossible to provide medical advice without seeing a patient in person, examining them and viewing the x-ray studies. However, some general comments may be helpful to you.

First, there is no reason to link bursitis in the shoulder, tendonitis in an elbow and tendonitis in a wrist with scoliosis. These complaints must have a different cause which should be investigated.

An exercise program will not influence the degree of scoliosis in adult life, that is, to reduce the degree of curvature. However, if the abdominal muscles are strengthened they can be used to protect the lumbar spine and lessen the strain on a painful curvature with benefit. As the muscles of the abdominal wall run round the outside of the abdomen when they contract the trunk becomes a cylinder with rigid outside walls. This is why pipes are so strong. The walls of most aeroplanes are really quite thin, their strength coming from the fact that the body of the aeroplane is circular or nearly so. Working on what is called the core muscles can be very beneficial in controlling lumbar pain from most causes.

Perhaps you should consider discussing the matter with your family doctor and ask if he/she could arrange a second opinion. As scoliosis is a very specialised area of orthopaedic surgery, the surgeon you have already seen should be the one to arrange the consultation with a colleague so that he can pass on pertinent information. The surgeon who provides the second opinion reports to the surgeon first consulted. Then his opinion will be discussed with the patient. This is one of the better rules of consultation and patients should not go off obtaining second opinions without the first surgeon they consulted being aware of what was going on. This arrangement is in the patientís best interests.