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26-06-2010, 07:50 PM
I am a 43 y.o female. I was referred to a Neurologist for suspected MS due to a regular but intermittant cold splashing feeling in my limbs, a head tremor, incontinence, etc. I had an MRI on the Brain and Spine (as I have been under a Scoliosis Specialist for the past 22 yrs with a 48 - 53% curvature). The MRI found that I don't have MS but do have degeneration happening particularly in C2 to C6 which showed significant damage happening to the spinal chord along with another part of my spine that wasn't as urgent. The neurologist was amazed at my mobility and normal function to the point I was called a "miracle".
I feel very fortunate but I get the feeling this is very serious and am now not knowing which surgeon is best for this inevitable operation. I am being referred to a Neurosurgeon as I type but I really need some advise here. Could you please advise me. I'm sorry, I just feel confused because of my Scoliosis, spinal degeneration and spinal cord which we both know is my wiring. So looking forward to some understanding. Regards Kaz

Dr Scoliosis
29-06-2010, 04:00 PM

It is not possible to provide you with any advice on the information given except to say that with the symptoms you have described the correct first consultation was with a neurologist such as apparently was carried out. Further, the symptoms you describe are not complaints one links with scoliosis. Hence, your subsequent referral to a neurosurgeon for an assessment is in order. It seems likely that the changes in your neck (from C2-C6) need to be reviewed in light of your various symptoms.

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