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Default My 14 daughter experiencing numbness and tingling

My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis with two curves one of 44 degrees and 28 degrees. We have seen an orthopaedic surgeon who recommends we see a scoliosis specialist. Since this she has developed periods of numbness to the tops of her thighs and continual tingling down both legs and in her shoulder. She also is experiencing bad bouts of lower back pain that require high amounts of analgesia to get on top of. Walking and standing aggravate her symptoms. This does not help because she needs to walk to lose a bit of weight. Are these symptoms normal for the progression of scoliosis or am I just being an overworried mum. Awaiting an appointment to see a specialist in Brisbane as we live way outside Brisbane. She gets very scared when the numbness and tingling occur and feels like she is going to stop feeling her legs all together. Thankyou for you time.